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Love for sale

Stories yet to tell
Giorgia Barosso
Stories Yet To Tell – Raffinerie Musicali 2013

Giorgia Barosso Voce
Fabrizio Bosso Tromba
Riccardo Bianchi Chitarra
Mario Zara Pianoforte
Marco Antonio Ricci Contrabbasso
Michele Salgarello Batteria


Love for sale (C.Poter)
Stories Yet To Tell (G.Barosso – M.Zara)
Time After Time (J.Styne)
Come rain or come shine (H.Arlen)
Crystal Glow (G.Barosso – M.Zara)
Shadow of sounds (G.Barosso – M.Zara)
Oh Lady be Good (G. Gershwin)
I (M.Zara)
But not for me (G.Gershwin)

Press Highlights

“..I colori interpretativi di Giorgia Barosso compongono un fluido transito di energie e disincanti, atmosfere soffuse e sonorità antiche e suggestive che sfiorano la parte più profonda dell’animo, disponendo ad uno stato di espansione in serena affettività e gentile “mistero”. Ciò che suscita maggiore riflessione è l’assenza di contrapposizioni stilistiche e di ricerca esasperata di eleganza accademica, sostenuta dagli eleganti interventi di Riccardo Bianchi alle chitarre e dal prestante incremento di Marco Antonio Ricci al contrabbasso e Michele Salgarello alla batteria, bravissimi interlocutori di un dialogo più platonico che socratico, più virtuoso e lieve che maieutico e razionalmente definito. L’onda cosciente e piacevole che queste “Storie” sibilano è tutta in uno sguardo, come quello intuito con raffinatezza da Walter Miglio nel Bianco/Nero metafisico, gotico e percettibile  della cover: una perfetta descrizione dell’Universo Segreto, aereo e celeste, di una Figura elegante e naturale, fra le più coinvolgenti delle Blue Notes italiane”. 4Arts

" STORIES YET TO TELL " is the new album by Giorgia Barosso published in November 2013, by Raffinerie Musicali .
Giorgia Barosso , jazz singer , composer , pianist and songwriter also boasts 25 years of experience in the music business internationally and his name appears in another ten albums recorded since 1993 . He has worked very wide , ranging from jazz to gospel, new age , instrumental music , the compositions of soundtracks for film. You do not count his numerous collaborations with important Italian jazz musicians as a singer . Since 2012 it is also a radio presenter and creator of the program " Jazz All One " in the schedule of Web radio Vertigo One.
His eleventh album, " STORIES YET TO TELL " is the fruit of his collaboration , both as a singer and author of music and lyrics, with the stated pianist - composer - arranger Mario Zara , in a project that offers very balanced way original songs and famous jazz standards completely rearranged . The training is complemented by leading Italian jazz musicians such as Fabrizio Bosso, Riccardo Bianchi, Marco Antonio Ricci and Michele Salgarello .
Since first hearing of the disk we see two main features :
In the original songs emerge pleasantly stylistic homogeneity that is the confirmation of the great musical harmony established between Georgia Barosso and Mario Zara as authors . The originals are in fact all characterized by intimate and refined atmosphere, sometimes ethereal and night , sometimes more solar , but all capable of creating a great suggestion by the surrounding sounds , soft and very elegant . And as for the interpretation of the standards is clear what is the approach adopted in this project: the transformation of jazz classics (which originally were predominantly fast pieces and swing ) in songs much more sinuous and sensual through new arrangements of Mario Zara that changing the rhythm and mood in an operation to modernize very successful also thanks to the skilful work of Salgarello on drums and Ricci on bass . Voice and solo instruments interact with balance and even the solos are well balanced : each has its own contribution but never exceed or surpass others.
The disc opens with a lively LOVE FOR SALE that appears to be a bridge between past and present, which follows the original song that gives title to the cd , STORIES YET TO TELL , intimate tones and " night " , especially in its part initial . With TIME AFTER TIME , and even more with AS RAIN OR SHINE AS perceive the transformation of the standards into something new and more modern , however that does not betray the matrix jazz . CRYSTAL GLOW is one of the most evocative original songs on the album, ethereal composition and classy . In SHADOW OF SOUND guitar is always ample space with elegance and sophistication, the plot stretched over the battery. Surprising is the transformation of OH LADY BE GOOD that deviates significantly from the famous original version : the track is dilated rhythmically thus being slowed down and softened a lot , but at the same time is supported by the battery that 's almost like a second voice is constantly accompanied by singing both the ' trumpet solo by Fabrizio Bosso while maintaining the sense of swing , but back into an environment very unusual and new. In the song titled "I" , of which only Giorgia Barosso is the author of the lyrics , voice and piano initially intersect softly, and the song has changed as a piano ostinato and a determined change of pace that revitalizes and even in this original composition reflected the agreement between the voice of Giorgia Barosso , the piano of Mario Zara and the drum of Salgarello . The final surprise is represented by a BUT NOT FOR ME with an intro very free for voice and piano followed by the well-known theme rearranged in a slow and gentle 3/4 that makes the song very relaxed and laid back, with a completely different color than the original version .
" STORIES YET TO TELL " is a project in which Giorgia Barosso is expressed with maturity and security in the choice of their own language and aesthetics that are the product of years of musical experience and research of their own personal vocal style . Great synergy that is created between the singer and the musicians that flank . The project is also successful in the demanding challenge to revive , next to " new stories " told by interesting original songs , even five standards famous , but in a totally renewed , proving once again that even the great jazz repertoire of the past have endless stories to tell through the sensitivity and creativity of serious professionals as they are Giorgia Barosso and all the protagonists of this album .
Review by Rossella Del Grande

Copyright Giorgia Barosso 2017
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